Whats the best Canary Islands?

Whats the best Canary Islands?

Which of the Canary Islands is the Best?

The Canary Islands are Spanish islands located just off of Morocco. They sit on the outermost region of Europe and include seven different islands. They also include a number of different islets. If you are looking into visiting the Canary Islands, you may wonder which of the islands is the best to visit. The answer is varied depending on what you want to see and enjoy during your visit. Here are a few options to consider.


Tenerife is the best island for all around travel. This island is the largest and has been inhabited for the longest. It has a large tourist trail and is a big family favorite. You can find something for every taste on this island. It has natural parks including miles of walking trails along with native birds, wildlife, and other cultural treasures. You can spend a day climbing Spain’s highest peak or enjoy water sports like para sailing and diving. This island also features big resorts and a mountain backdrop.


If you are looking to enjoy a grand, beach vacation, the beaches on Fuerteventura are the best. The beach known as Corralejo, which sits on the north eastern tip of the island is one of the most stunning beaches in the entire collection within the Islands. This beach has beautiful golden sand that shines brightly under the hot sun. It also features a desert and dunes backdrop that gives you a stunning view no matter which direction you look. The beach stretches for 6 miles down the coast, about as far as you can see. The small towns and villages around the beach are fun to explore and allow you a cosmopolitan atmosphere with the beach just down the road.

Gran Canaria

If you want to bike and hike, Gran Canaria is the right island to choose. With a variety of landscapes and a bunch of microclimates, you have quite a variety of options on this island. You can enjoy a large amount of trails for biking and hiking, but there are also water sports available on the beaches. With a few tourist stops and quiet laid back relaxation in restaurants, you have break times from your hiking and biking adventures available at all times.


This island is often called the “Hawaii of Europe” because of its black sandy beaches and bright white landscapes. This island has been features in many movies and visitors like to watch water steam instantly as the volcano brews. This island has a few wonderful beaches as well and the building and sculptures present around the island are prime tourist hot spots.

La Palma

If you want to enjoy natural resources and untouched, outstanding landscapes, this island is a great alternative to the more tourist-oriented options. The island features lush green beauty and clear skies with small amounts of pollution. There is plenty of culture to explore in the two main cities on the island and you can enjoy a good hike as well.

La Gomera

The second smallest island in the chain is perfectly formed and has quite a bit that is left to explore. The largest area has fantastic hiking trails and there are plenty of lush forest grounds that are untouched and unexplored as well.

It is hard to choose just one of the Canary Islands to declare the best. Which one you would enjoy the most depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. If you want beaches you would choose one. If you prefer untouched solitude, you would pick another. Rest assured that all of the islands have unique beauty to enjoy.

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