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Sex as a cure for stress

Sex as a cure for stressSex as a cure for stress

Struggling with stress is an experience that many people have faced. Whether their jobs are taking a toll on their mental health or they are constantly worrying about money, these levels of stress are not beneficial for them. They can allow sex to relieve stress at home.

Refocusing the Mind and Energy

People often struggle with stress because they are unable to take their mind off their bills, the responsibilities of their job or the amount of work they need to do to finish their dissertation. However, when they engage in intercourse, they have the opportunity to refocus all of their energy into that activity. Coupled with the nap that often emerges after intercourse, sex provides the opportunity for people to simply relax for awhile. Once they return to their project, they may have a new surge of focus.

Experiencing Intimate Contact

Individuals often underestimate the power of human contact to relieve their mind of stress and frustration. Sometimes, simply hugging another person, or receiving a firm squeeze on the shoulder, is enough to power people through the rest of their day. Having intimate contact with a person during sexual intercourse allows the individual to interact with someone else on a deeply emotional and physical level. Sharing that connection draws away from feelings of loneliness and isolation, which can be starters of stress or extra aggravation to sex that already exists.

Releasing Certain Hormones

All of the ways in which sex helps people to eliminate stress are not abstract. Factual and scientific reasons exist as to why sex helps people to experience lower levels of stress. During sexual intercourse, endorphins are released in the brain. These hormones help people to feel happier. Many individuals are aware that activities like eating chocolate or laughing also release these hormones, and that is why these activities are often associated with elevated levels of happiness. Experiencing this surge of hormones in the brain allows individuals to feel a greater state of euphoria, thereby eliminating stress.

Feeling Better Physically

Stress can manifest for a number of reasons, and its effects are just as variegated. When people are feeling excessive amounts of stress, they may also experience pains in their bodies, or they might just feel tired. Imagine going for a powerful massage when you are feeling stressed. Many people recognize that such a massage will relieve them of some, if not all, of their stress, and they can view sexual intercourse in the same way. Experiencing pleasure in the body can help to combat some of the physical side effects that stress can bring into fruition.

Deepening a Sense of Confidence

When people engage in sexual intercourse, they feel a range of emotions afterward. When individuals feel as though they have performed to the best of their abilities and that they were able to satisfy their partners, they often experience a sense of confidence. A lack of confidence can make people feel stressed, or lead pre-existing stress to deepen; therefore, engaging in sexual intercourse can counteract that effect. Furthermore, people can also feel a sense of confidence that another individual is physically attracted to them in that way. That type of boost is useful for many individuals.

Battling Against Disease

People who are stressed might be in that way because they are constantly sick. On the other hand, people are constantly stressed are often more susceptible to illness. Their bodies do not have the right level of agents to fight against disease because they are exhausted or because they are not functioning at their optimal level. However, when people engage in sexual intercourse, certain hormones are released that are directly connected to the strength of the immune system. By engaging in sexual intercourse, people can actually be building up their immune systems and fighting against disease.

Feeling a Sense of Youth Again

Sometimes, people feel stressed because they are aging. They feel as though they have not accomplished all that they wanted to by this point in their lives, and they look as their experience on earth thus far as a failure. When they engage in sexual intercourse, however, these feelings may begin to subside. Intercourse can increase the youthful appearance of some people because of the hormones that it boosts. Therefore, people may begin to notice that they look younger when they engage in sexual intercourse. Even though they are not literally aging backwards, many individuals internalize what they see on the outside. Essentially, when they look younger, they feel younger.

Sex can work as a cure for stress. However, people must recognize when the stress has become overbearing and they need to take a step back and consider seeking out professional assistance for their affliction.

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