Packing List For Travel

Packing List For Travel

Packing List for Travel: All that you need just one bag!

At last! You got some time off, planned a trip, and now you are ready to go! Make the best out of your time away by bringing with you the essential things to keep yourself healthy and protected. Also check out my article “10 Useful Tips for Tourists” which gives you useful tips for traveling. Follow this list, and you will have a lot of extra space left to bring back some goodies. All the items listed here can fit in just one travel bag!

1. Pack your personal, mini-pharmacy

Prepare a small bag with a sample-size version of each of these products as they apply to your gender and health conditions:

  • eye drops
  • nose spray
  • sleep aid
  • deodorant
  • toothbrush/paste
  • blood pressure medication
  • aspirine or alternative
  • glucose meter/medication
  • inhaler
  • contact lenses / solution
  • reading glasses
  • feminine hygiene products
  • sanitizer
  • band aids (you do not need the entire box)

It is wise to keep a bag like this at home always ready to go. Remember that there are limits as to the liquid amounts you can bring for a trip, for which it is wise to buy the sample and travel-size versions of personal products. I offer additional travel tips in my article “The best Canary Island”, so go check it out!

2. Mind your beauty routine

Both males and females can look great by simply sticking to the basics of the daily makeover:

  • a small towel or wipes to clean the face
  • tweezers and travel-size nail clippers
  • 2 razors and travel size shaving cream
  • lip balm (some come with shades so you can make it your main lipstick)
  • Powder foundation, brush, mascara and eye liner

For more tips on how to keep you beauty face in a beautiful place, please read my article “Mauritus – an island of desire”.

3. Minimize your clothes

Unless you are leaving for a considerable amount of time, the average trip should not require more than the following:

  • two pair of pants, one for daytime and one for night time, (or dress)
  • a big shirt for sleeping
  • warmers (mittens, beanie, earmuffs)
  • one pair of walking shoes that blend with night outings
  • underwear to include 1 pair of socks, 2 pair of underpants/1 bra

4. Emergency Snacks

You never know whether there will be delays with your flight, or even an emergency that results in unexpected wait times. Avoid feeling sick and consider the right snacks when hunger strikes:

  • protein such as beef jerky
  • almonds or peanuts
  • dried fruit or a snack mix
  • peanut butter or cheese sandwich crackers

Avoid candy bars and sugary foods that may spike your blood sugar. You want foods that will keep you satisfied until your arrival.

5. The Hair Question

The biggest issue for men and women everywhere is how to address the hair issue on vacation with a minimum amount of hair products. Keep it simple:

  • brush and comb
  • travel-size hair spray or gel
  • rubber band or scrunchy

While hotel rooms provide hair dryers at times, you may want to practice a hairstyle using these basics prior to traveling so that you can create (and rock) your “travel look” for those awesome pictures.

6. Protect your feet

Now that you see how much more space you will have in your travel bag, you may want to consider foot protection in the form of:

  • travel-size antifungal and deodorizer
  • a pair of light flip flops

Diseases such as Hepatitis B and C can be transmitted by skin contact. Always wear flip flops in public bathrooms or shared areas that contain water, such as pools and beaches. Always keep a pair of flip flops (a light pair) in your suitcase. They can save your life from cuts and bruising that could expose your skin to bacteria.

7. Electronics

Smartphones are often good enough for travel writing, photography, mapping, posting online, and even finding the best places to go near you. If you must bring a computer with you, opt for a tablet with productivity options and leave your expensive laptop at home. Must needs for electronics are:

  • stand alone charger (they come in small sizes)
  • wall charger with different plug options (for European travel)
  • headphones (go with the lighter, smaller option)
  • camera -for the photography buffs; if you aren’t one, stick to your phone.

Optional items

Depending on your method of travel, you may indulge in the following items if you have the space and the ability to bring them with you:

  • Deodorizing spray for your room/bathroom
  • Full size hair dryer or straightener
  • Extra pair of socks if it gets super cold
  • Jewelry

Travel stress-free and as simply as possible. Enjoy your time away, and enjoy packing up the essentials without unnecessary extras. Have a safe trip! Bon Voyage!

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