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Fitness and Training Gear

Fitness and Training GearFitness and Training Gear

If you’re ready to start working out and getting into the best shape of your life, there’s no need to throw money at a gym membership. In fact, home gyms are incredibly easy to build, requiring only affordable fitness and training gear. Above all, you get to choose what you need. Instead of paying for the upkeep of treadmills you never use, your money goes straight toward equipment that pays for itself.


A good routine incorporates both cardio and weight training on opposite days. This means in order to have a good gym, you need to at least have a good set of weights. Dumbbells are ideal if you have limited space. A barbell is perfect for everything else. The best part is you only have to buy weights as you need them. When on the hunt, head to a used equipment store for the best deals. Eventually, you’ll want to get yourself a solid bench and squat rack.


On the days you’re not benching godly amounts of weight, you’ll need to do cardio. What weights don’t do to your body, cardio will. As far as the equipment you need, this really depends on what type of cardio you enjoy. If you like to run, you can run in place, outside or invest in a nice treadmill. If you enjoy yoga, all you need is a mat. Those that have joint problems are best paired with ellipticals since ellipticals are a great no-impact cardio.

Resistance Bands

These little lengths of plastic tubing with handles are without a doubt one of the most useful pieces of fitness equipment you can own. They are perfect for dynamic stretching as a warm up, ideal for adding resistance to exercises that have become too easy and are some of the most affordable pieces of training gear you can hope to buy.

Lifting Gloves

Though thought to be used only by the most delicate, lifting gloves are actually very useful. If you’re like most lifters, you sweat as you reach your max weight. Even with grooves cut into the metal of the dumbbells or barbells, slips happen. The gloves absorb the sweat, giving you a much better grip on the bar.

Lifting belt

Cardio doesn’t require a belt as much as weights because cardio doesn’t have you load over 200 pounds onto your shoulders. Even with perfect form, moving around that much weight is extremely dangerous if you happen to do anything wrong in your form. The lifting belt is what forces you to keep your lower back straight. Even Hugh Jackman working with experienced professionals wears a lifting belt as an added level of precaution.


Using either air or water resistance, you use your legs, core and arms to complete the motion. Settings can increase or lower resistance for either an incredibly fast but easy row or one that requires explosive force. Changing up the actual exercise is simply a matter of setting a distance and time goal or doing things like pyramids. Even better is that it won’t upset any neighbors below you if you happen to live on any floor other than the first.

Home fitness is so much better than waiting for machines at the gym. Surrounded by only the things you need, you can turn on whatever music you want and set the temperature higher than freezing. So long as you have the basic equipment necessities, you can get a full workout for less than two months at the local gym.

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