Cool Gadgets for Man

Cool Gadgets for Man

Cool Gadgets for Man

If there’s one thing that most men agree upon, it’s that gadgets are undeniably cool. There’s something about little gizmos, electric or otherwise, that makes most men open up their wallets and shell out cash, but if most men are honest with themselves, the gadgets they buy often end up unused in the garage or in some “junk drawer.”

If you’re looking to buy a gift for the man in your life that won’t end up unused after a couple weeks, there are plenty of options. Below are a few gadgets any man will love.

• Multi-Tools: Men want to be handy. It’s instinctive, and there are plenty of moments when something needs fixing, adjusting or cutting and there are no tools readily on hand. That’s where a good multi-tool comes in. Multi-tools contain everything a man needs like pliers, saws, knives, screwdrivers, etc. A man with a multi-tool is a man who can take action.

• Smart Watches and Fitness Bands: Smart watches are the “new thing,” and it seems that every technology company out there is putting out their own version of wearable tech. A smart watch can answer calls, receive e-mails and texts, run applications and even play games. For the man on the go, a smart watch can be an invaluable gadget.

Fitness bands are similar and are specifically designed to track exercise, sleep patterns, heartbeat and more. Most fit bands connect to a phone application or to an internet website, and they help a man keep track of his workouts and general health. For men into fitness and training gear, a fit band is a must have.

• Groomers: Beards and mustaches have come back in a big way, and most men want to keep their facial hair neat and groomed. Simple razors won’t do the trick, but a good pair of trimmers will. Most come with a variety of attachments to allow men to trim their beard to just the right size, and many have various edging and sculpting attachments to help develop the perfect look.

• Drones: Drones have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. Drones are much easier to fly than remote planes and helicopters, and drones come in a wide range of sizes and prices. From simple drones controllable via a remote to more high-tech models controllable via a computer or smartphone with high definition cameras attached, drones are terrific fun. For any man interested in aviation or new technology, a drone is a fantastic gadget.

• Wireless Speakers/Headphones: Most men love music, and Bluetooth enabled speakers and headphones have started dominating the market. Without any wires to get in the way, music lovers can enjoy their tunes free of obstructions.

Everything listed here is readily available in many stores and online shops, so finding the next great gadget for a man that they’ll actually use is easy.

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