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Best Vitamin Supplements for Your Health

Best Vitamin Supplements for Your HealthBest Vitamin Supplements for Your Health

Top 7 Vitamin Supplements for your Health

When attempting to get all of the nutrients your body requires, there are few, if any, diets that deliver adequate amounts of all antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for the best health. Even those diets that are considered a perfect balance require supplements as there are multiple factors that contribute to nutrient absorption. While there are numerous supplements available to improve your health, the 7 best include:

Coenzyme Q10

The body naturally makes CoQ10 and your cells use it to produce energy for additional growth and maintenance. This coenzyme also functions as an antioxidant which protects the body from damage. When consuming CoQ10 as a supplement, it helps lower blood pressure and is heart healthy. Additional for those who suffer side effects from statin, CoQ10 can help counteract the effects and relieve muscle pain.

Fish Oil

Fish oils contain powerful omega-3s which are linked to higher levels of good cholesterol (HDL), improved nutrient absorption and a better overall metabolism. There are many different types of fish oil products on the market so it is best to select higher-quality supplements that contain high levels of DHA and EPA to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Folate offers many health benefits for men and women of all ages as it is an essential B-vitamin which lowers your risk of Alzheimer’s disease while improving the blood flow within the arteries. As a result, this lowers your risk of hypertension and heart disease.


Iron is a critical mineral to ensure the proper functioning of red blood cells in the body to prevent anemia. Although it is available in many different foods, a daily vitamin in addition to those foods will provide you with the proper daily intake to properly regulate red blood cells.


People of all sexes, ages and races can benefit from multivitamins. These products help you avoid taking many pills each day to achieve the nutrients your body requires. As the name suggests, multivitamins contain many different vitamins which help provide a nutritional balance on a daily basis. When select a multivitamin, review the label and find the product that delivers the nutrients you need most. For instance, if your family has a history of heart problems, search for a multivitamin that has nutrients that decrease your risk with use over time.

Vitamin D3

In order to maintain excellent health, vitamin D is essential. Studies have shown that a low vitamin D intake directly relates to depression, low bone density, several types of cancer, poor nutrient absorption and weight gain. Vitamin D3 is most readily available for the body to absorb. The sun’s rays convert vitamin D3 in the body but most Americans do not receive enough sun year round so the supplement is necessary. Additional studies have concluded that doses of vitamin D3 supplements over 800 IU/day offers fantastic benefits.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K aids the body in protein production for healthy tissue and bones and blood clotting. Without enough vitamin K, you could bleed too much during even the smallest injury. Vitamin K occurs in green vegetables and dark berries. However, for those that do not regularly eat these foods, it is important to take a vitamin K supplement to ensure health and proper blood clotting. Vitamin K supplements are often available in individual doses or as part of a multivitamin.

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